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비트(bit)의 기원

The basic Turing machine uses 0 and 1 to create a simple “on” and “off” model. In computer science, this is called a “binary” model. The word “binary” comes from the Latin word, “binarius” which means two together or a pair. So 0 and 1 are a pair of digits or a “binary digit.” This phrase was shortened to the word “bit.” A bit in computer science then is the two states 0 and 1 and the basic unit of the binary system computers use. Like a light switch, a bit can only be either 0 or 1 at any given time but has the potential to be either at a given time.

“bi”가 그냥 숫자 2와 관련있다고 생각했는데, 그게 아니었구나. 그냥 “한 쌍”을 의미하는 것이였어… 특히 튜링 머신에서 기초가 되는 on/off, true/false를 표현하는 수단으로 0, 1을 기본 단위로 사용하면서 bit가 탄생했구나. 까맣게 잊고 있었다.